Improve Public Safety

  • Improve UPD and Community Relations

The effort toward effective public safety departments relies heavily on partnerships between the agency and the public. It’s no secret that building strong bridges between the men and woman that serve in duty and those in the community will ultimately create a shared commitment toward a safer community.

  • Advocate for an appointed Citizen/Civilian Review Board

Accountability is huge in every aspect of local government. In New York State, many cities and communities have created and advocated for civilian review boards to serve as an accountability board to help with appeals presented from the community with a collaboration of the UPD and Chief of Police.

  • Work to increase diversity among the Police Department

UPD has often asked for support in bringing greater diversity to the force. Ill make this a top priority in our public safety initiatives. Having a department that is representative of the community, it serves, will fundamentally help progressively ensure the safety of the constituent of Cornhill.

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    Public Safety

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