Invest in The Next Generation

I’m a young leader stepping up to make a change in our community. I want to empower the next generation of leaders to engage and get excited about Utica. I think it’s time to go ALL IN.

  • Advocate for a community center that is located directly in Cornhill.

Cornhill is an epicenter of cultures, status, and class. That stated, in Utica many families feel that this is little to no activities or program centered to help the next generations. A community center located in Cornhill, would drastically help to shape that communities future.

  • Increase partnerships with Community Agencies for educational, technical skills training.

Investment in the next generation must include technical training that readies our community for jobs and careers. City investment means, that we actively prepare our community for incoming companies and give educational opportunity to build those skills needed.

  • A strong advocate for Public Education Funding.

While it is not the role of a City -Councilor to be completely engaged in education. I’ll be a strong voice for our youth and an ally to the Board of Education, and help champion the cause for completely funding our schools. Education is the single important factor in turning low-income families around.

Houseplant Heaven

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