Promote Community Improvement

The key to better neighborhood is cleaner neighborhoods. Urban development is important to improving the condition of Corn Hill

  • Work with Community Partners and Neighborhood associations to form improve on property standards.

Ill work with any community partner to make sure that city development is executed in the best way possible. City is a great city, moving forward, and seeing much investment. Cornhill residents are in the center of that investment. I’ll work to ensure that urban development is strategic and comprehensive.

  • Hold negligent absentee landlords response.

In Cornhill, many residents fall prey to absentee and negligent landlords that fail to properly maintain the property under their care. Unfortunately, tenants deal with this far too often with no resolve. I think the city can step up even more, and ensure that housing in the city is affordable, accessible, and that property mangers that fail to keep their promise are held responsible.

  • Codes for some elderly are an issue. I’ll work with those residents that need the help to get it done.

As a council, I’ll always be there to help and talk you through all sorts of issues. For our sensors, sometimes it can be difficult to manage property like in previous years. Ill work to create a program where inner-city youth and can help older residents with poverty to prevent or fix code issues.


Cleaner Neighborhoods

IMPACT NOTE: I'll be sharing my platform in the days and weeks ahead. This campaign is not about one person or one voice. It's about the collective. Here are a few of my thoughts for prompting community development in the inner city.

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