Cornhill is a vibrant community full of potential and opportunity. If we work together, we continue on the path toward a better community.

This campign is not about one person or one idea. In fact, it’s about building a strong people power. Together, we can build that. Are You Inc.



This campaign is not just about one person, one group, or one idea. It about the collective and how we can build a strong message using the power of the people. I’m committed to helping everyone in the Cornhill area, succeed and thrive in this community. Are you in?

  • Public Safety

    Keeping our streets safe and our communities protected is important. I’ll work to keep crime down and streets safe.

  • Support Local Innovation

    Utica is a central point to Oneida County and the Mohawk Valley. I want to find ways to leverage our social capital in real sustainable economic development for the city. Never excluding, the needs of the inner-city and always addressing systemic issues of poverty.

  • Fiscal Accountablity

    I’ll work with the council to pass a budget on time, balanced, and fiscally responsible. Ensuring that all city services are completely funded and supported.

  • Community Improvement

    The key to better neighborhood is cleaner neighborhoods. Urban development and community improvement is important to improving the condition of Corn Hill

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    Delvin for Cornhill

    This is a community campaign for all people

    Empower People for Action

    This campaign is centered around people and raising their voice city-wide. There is nothing we can't do with we work together.

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    Improve Community + Gov Bridges

    Government works better when we build strong bridges between city government and the people it serves.

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    Organizing for Change

    Voting is important and vital. However, i want to build a movement that supports elections and stays involved after the ballot is cast. Thats what true democracy is all about.

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    Delvin is not just running for Cornhill, but their our other candidates that support his ideas and values. Soon we will be announcing those candidates.