Candidate for City of Utica Common Council

Meet Delvin Moody

Progressive |  Innovative | Passionate 


Delvin J. Moody

A proud life-long resident of Utica and advocate for young people.

Reared in church, Delvin felt called to the service of others and helping his community. He is a compassionate young leader who understands the importance of unity and hope. He is a recent graduate of the University of Rochester, where he graduated with a dual-Bachelors degree (with High Honors Distinction) in Religion and Political Science. He has been active in numerous organizations on various topics. From the NAACP to American-Isreal Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). He served as National Chairman of the National Black Action Committee and Northern Vice President of the New York State Young Democrats. He is also active in his church and serves as Superintendent for The House of God Diocese of Upstate New York. Above all, his greatest joy is being the proud dad of Bryce Alexander.

Unapologetically Democratic with real progressive values.

  • Optimistic Activism

    It is vital to building people power, that the community feels empowered and engaged! I value optimism and inspiring people that their voice matters.

  • City + Education Connectivity

    Education is an intricate part of addressing socioeconomic issues in the community. I believe that there should be better connection between education and city government. I’ll work to build that bridge between the board of education and city council. 

  • Social Justice + Equality

    It is no secret that we need champions of justice and equality. While Utica is a diverse place there still remains pockets out of our community that simply feel left behind. We can do more to raising social justice to the forefront. I’ll fight to always keep silenced voices, heard  

  • Voting Accessibility

    Voting is fundamental to having a vibrant democracy. Believe it or not, many people in the community either are uneducated voters or experience other challenges in the voting process. I believe that we should increase voter education and build a strong progressive voting electorate. 

  • Results Driven Policy

    Rhetoric is good but the only thing people care about is results. Government and city council should always produce the best policies and legislation that will impact the community in the present and future. No longer, can we present legislation that promotes personal political capital but does little to actually serve the people. 

  • Government by the People

    It goes without saying that I support the people. I’m running to be their advocate, and promote their best interest. I’ll hold local elected leaders accountable and fight everyday for marginalized groups. When people feel represented at the table they ultimately feel better about the city.